Stories & Memories of Reb Benzion Hackner

By: Friedlander April 7

Baal Chesed

Uncle Bentzion ע"ה and Aunty Shoshana 'שתחי came to our wedding in Montreal, CA ...

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By: Anonymous April 7

From Stamford Hill

So shocked and saddened to hear. From my earliest memories, growing up in Stamford Hill, Mr Hackner was amongst the pillars of the community. Always involved in everything the community was doing, always aware of all the goings on, always there,...

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By: Shmuel Lewis April 7

Mr Hackner

as well called him, but he was much more than a Mr. A figure who was larger than life, who knew everything and everybody, who was extremely active in every area and always with a smile. When I was in Mechina, there was a period of time that I would...

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By: Dovid May 6

uncle bentzion

one of many stories I would like to post is the most recent one with me and my family. My uncle bentzion was meddacnik on every halacha and diyuk, and would let you know if halacha wasn't kept to the highest standards. He wanted to go to mikvah...

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