Stories & Memories of Bubby (Golda) Aronow

By: Chaim Teleshevsky May 3

Tanteh Luleh

I have very fond memories of Tanteh Luleh. She had an open home and lived having guest. She was an Aishes Chayil and a true example of a Chasidisteh. Mekushar to the Rebbe and raised a beautiful family of many generations of Shluchim. Participating in Simchas was very important to her, even when it came at great sacrifice such as pain in her feet etc She always showed care and an interest in how other people were doing, listing many names of great nieces and nephews, including recently married additions to the family etc.

She was a Yiras Shomayim and she would often daven, say Tehillim (and cry to Hashem) for those in need.

She truly believed that Moshiach is coming Now. She should be a ‘Gutte Beter’ and May her Tefilos be answered with the coming of Moshiach Now!

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