Stories & Memories of Bubby (Golda) Aronow

By: Sholom ber notik May 3

Di Rebbe darf reiden vegen aza min Zach?!

I'll start with an anecdote I heard from Bubby about herself:

In the early years the Rebbe spoke a number of times about the problem of being too obsessed with gashmiyus, "Hollywood Kitchens" etc.

Bubby was present at one such Farbrengen and when she heard what the Rebbe was saying she started to cry.

Someone asked her why she's crying, "Du hust dach nit kein Hollywood Kitchen!"

But Bubby explained that she was crying because she felt terrible that "Di Rebbe darf reiden vegen aza min Zach?!" And she repeated again and again, "Di Rebbe darf reiden vegen a Hollywood kitchen?!" She was really pained to see that circumstances had required that the Rebbe should need to get involved in everyone's silly obsessions because people couldn't get it straight on their own...

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