Stories & Memories of Bubby (Golda) Aronow

By: Rabbi Yisroel Lein May 5

She Taught Us More...

She was a special lady...

While studying in Yeshiva in Toronto just across the street from their house, we would sneak across the street Shabbos mornings before davening. She would ask if you're here for my husband. We'd say no! We're here for you! We want to hear a story.

She'd sit us down and prepare a coffee or tea (would not let us help!), cut us a fresh piece of cake, and proceed to tell us the heroic stories of the Chassidim in Soviet Russia. She would get so emotional in conveying to us the tremendous personal sacrifice the chassidim had made in the attempts to keep the yeshivos open, the mikvaos functioning.

She taught us more in those 30 minute spurts then we learned from the books all week.

זאל זי זיין א גוטע בעטער

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