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By: Sunni Walbek June 16

My Dad

I have so many great memories to share, the one I am sharing is the day I took my family, my new bf Billy to meet my Dad back in 2014. We met a restaurant in Ft Lauderdale FL. Halfway between his home in Miami & us in Vero Beach. My kids jump out, Zaddie. Funny voices of hello to each of us. Billy says hello, unsure of how to fit into our loudness. We go in, Gavin orders, then Savannah, up next is Billy. He orders Baba ganoosh. Roasted eggplant & mayo. We all sit cramped into a small table. Billy in-between my kids & me. We are all laughing w Dad. Talking 100 miles an hour. Billy's food comes out. My kids & I look at, Dad said all 3 of us turned green & instantly we put our backs towards Billy's meal.

Dad laughs and says you guys will be together forever. I ask why? He laughs again & says all 3 of you hate mayo & he orders a plate of it.

We all crack up laughing even the tables around us! We just sat and laughed the rest of the time. I still to this day hate mayo but there's always a jar in our frig.

Dad told me about week later what a good fit Billy was for us. He said I have the loving look on my face when I look at Billy just like when I look at my kids.

3 months was all it took for us to become a family. My Dad was right!

About a month after that meeting Billy told me that he always wondered where I got all the voices I use to say hello with, they were from my Dad.

Such good memories of a truthful loving father. I'm lucky to have had it. I miss my Dad but he is sending lots of angels to help me right now.

Thank you everyone for sharing kind words about my Dad. It's a blessing!


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