Stories & Memories of Chaim Berkowitz

By: Yomin Postelnik June 7

Would always want to learn

He came to Torah later in life but epitomized following Hashem in every way. He likely went through all of Shas, and got flack for doing Daf Yomi. He studied and spread Chasidus in every way. He reached out to make a chavrusa in Kuntres UMaayon and then suggested to Rabbi Mordechai Siev to start teaching this all important Kuntres, one that the Rebbe lists as a foundation of Chasidus (along with Shaar HaYichud vHaEmuna and Iggeres HaTeshuva in Tanya and Derech Mitzvosecha of the Tzemach Tzedek, the sections which are of most interest to each) at the Tzemach Tzedek Shul in Tsfat.

He was here a short time, but became a pillar of the community.

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