Stories & Memories of Fred Frenkel Z”L

By: Yoni February 8

Poland/Hungary trip

I’ll never forget going with my grandfather and my dad to Poland and Hungary.

I was so religious and we didn’t have a minyan at the concentration camp site but my grandfather wanted to say Kaddish. My dad told me to keep quiet and I’m so grateful he did bc I saw for the 1st time in my life my grandfathers emotions pouring out.

He was such a strong person to lose almost his entire family only to rebuild this amazing one!

I also remember when I came back from Israel, I stayed with my grandparents in NYC. We went to pray at the 5th Ave synagogue and when I was done with shmone esrei, my grandfather said “my father never had to shuckle that much to pray to Hashem”.

It was such a good lesson about sincerity and I really took it to heart about what prayer really is as my grandfather took it very seriously.

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