Stories & Memories of Mrs Leah Miriam Heidingsfeld

By: Miriam Feldman June 20

I have so many memories

Dearest Malkie,

I think of you often and have many times hoped to reconnect with you. I have such fond memories of our friendship. I’m saddened that I am reaching out during this difficult time. My mother informed me of your loss yesterday. She got an email from shule in Sydney. I’ve been thinking about your mother overnight, I have so many memories. She was always so lovely and I loved spending time at your house, I recall a sleepover and many play dates and sitting on the couch in your kitchen and your mother reading us stories. She was always SO patient! I remember your bat mitzvah so clearly and her delicious catering. She taught us how to make crumbed eggplants I remember and till this day each time I make them I think of you and your mother. As a newly wed I recall being so nervous going to the mikvah but when I walked in and saw your mother’s calming smile I immediately relaxed and enjoyed the holiness of the mitzvah. She was such an incredibly warm person.

I am sending you so much strength during this time, I hope that we can reconnect and only share in each others simchas from now on.

Wishing you and your family only simchas always.

Miriam Feldman (Grossman) המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבילי ציון וירושלים

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