Stories & Memories of Mrs Leah Miriam Heidingsfeld

By: Estee June 8

A real Chasidishe Gem

Parshas shlach is the parsha we read, This week from the Torah the bal korah will lead! Moshe sent spies into our holy land, They came back saying oh it wasn't that grand! So they got punished for the things they said! And then in the desert 40 years they were led! We then learn the mitzvah of taking challah dough for Hashem! A special mitzvah for women! This week I dedicate this poem too A real chasidic gem and an amazing Jew Mrs Leah Miriam Heidingsfeld or how we called her "Bubby Heidingsfeld" Whom Hashem took this week, Leaving this world a little more bleak! A shining light onto this great nation, Her love for Torah and mitzvahs she passed down for generations! May her many brochos she made on challah and everything else too! Bring you back down here with Moshiach tzidkanu! She had the most amazing way to make you feel loved! Hashem please let us all get that love from above! Moshiach will come right now! And we will be reunited Hashem you know how!!!!

May this day be the last With galus in our past Good shabbos from me Estee Let's greet Moshiach with much glee!

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