Stories & Memories of Mrs Leah Miriam Heidingsfeld

By: Bracha Sapo June 20

She was your mummy but she was a mommy to all..

I'm just so grateful to have had her in my life. One of those unexpected nice things life puts in your path. There's no good reason to think that she would've been my friend. We've had many people work for us.... I'm not friendly at all with their mothers, or mothers in law. I'm not particularly friendly with the mothers or mothers in law of fellow shluchos here. It was just a gift Hashem gave me. She was always so delighted to see me, and made me feel so good and cheerful. I enjoyed talking to her and getting her perspective on things and picking her brain, and getting reassurance that I was "doing things ok". She was your mummy..... but she "mommied" lots of people.

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