Stories & Memories of Mrs Leah Miriam Heidingsfeld

By: Aida Strocovsky June 8

The intensity of her faith will never abandon me.

Beautiful Rebbetzin Leah!. I saw her on Zoom, not that long ago, on the bat mitzvah celebration of her granddaughter Malka Charna in Winnipeg. I got to spend time with her during her visits to her children in Winnipeg, We share Pesach and other celebrations, I can still feel her warmth when she greeted me, you could tell that her embrace was real, genuine, authentic. I could feel that she really wanted to know me. I remember her in the kitchen, preparing everything, being helped by her children and grandchildren, or reading books sitting on the sofa, surrounded by her grandkids, or talking with such enthusiasm. Her faith, her faith was like a burning rod, like fire, felt like total and absolute commitment, absolute compromise. I remember one day, the last day of Pesach in Winnipeg, she took my hand and danced with me, asking Moshiach to come right now. Demanding, to come right now, asking with grace, but with total determination. Moshiach will come, on the account of our mitzvot and on the account of her deeds, multiple deeds. Rebbetzin Leah's faith was gigantic. She was for sure an extraordinary mother and a nurturing and loving wife. Souls like her, I believe, never really abandon us. Her inspiration, her faith, will always be with me. I am so grateful I got to know her!

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