Stories & Memories of Menachem Mendel Plotkin

By: Yossi korik May 15

A huge relief

Dear Plotkin Family,

We are shluchim in a small town in Northern California. About 5 years ago when we were buying our house, we needed to come up with a significant amount of cash for the down payment in a relatively short time. Someone suggested I call Mendel. It was days before our closing and without any serious plan in place for return, he mailed us a check for $50,000. It sure seems that without this help we most likely would not have been able to buy our house at that time.

It took us approximately 1.5 years to fully repay Mendel for the loan. During this time he was extremely patient and spent a lot of time guiding me on various techniques to improve my credit and manage opening various cards to slowly repay the loan, and eventually, with the improved credit, we were able to refinance and pull the remaining funds to pay back the full loan to him.

Although I’ve known Mendel before this interaction, we hadn’t been closely in touch prior, and it was a huge relief and shock to me that someone was willing to put out such a large sum for another person whom he wasn’t fully aware of my financial situation nor had any formal plan in place for the return, except for a verbal discussion about pursuing a refinance in the coming months.

My family is indebted to Mendel for his kindness.

I have no words for the enormous tragedy your family has experienced. I hope that somehow this story brings you some comfort and may HaShem fill your void with the coming of Moshiach and be reunited with Mendel.

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