Stories & Memories of Menachem Mendel Plotkin

By: Motti Wilhelm May 9

Flying to the funeral

The mind is numb. While on the airplane I jotted down a few thoughts.


This is unreal.

I’m flying to the Levaya of my immediately older brother in law.

A man whose maturity and wisdom was years ahead but in “passport” years was right next to me.

Mendel’s whole life was one of no questions.

His Kashrus standards were that of Rabbi Hendel. No questions.

Simchas Torah he would be by the Rebbe. No questions.

His Bar Mitzvah boys would get their Aliyah in 770. No questions.

He helped another Yid, no questions.

When I once had a need, he helped me secure $200,000 no questions.

I had a question: why? What drives you to help? To put yourself at risk? Are you getting a return?

He was simply passionate about helping people buy houses.

He helped me and many others.

We all have questions:

How could someone so strong, fit and active, go so suddenly?

How could a person who built a family like the Rebbe said leave 9 tiny Yesomim?

How could someone who helped so many others leave a young wife who will need to be helped by others?

No answers.

ברוך דיין האמת

עד מתי

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