Stories & Memories of Menachem Mendel Plotkin

By: Dan kaskel May 10

Kiruv from Mendy

I truly wish I had the words to provide any measure of comfort.  We were so warmly welcomed into the Plotkin family many years ago, and the most smiley face was that of Mendel.  Even after putting together our first (?) Sukkah, Mendel would visit my office in Short Hills on Fridays, and we’d learn together on Sundays.  I remember when he told me he got into yeshiva in Melbourne.  From Millburn (his Friday route) to Melbourne.   Mendel was warm, funny, charming and compassionate. And I simply cannot understand why Hashem needed him by His side at this moment.    I think of Mendel often and smile.  Many years ago in Mendy’s shul, on a yom tov, I was given a Gelila card, and Mendel Hagba.  I did not know what either card meant.  Mendel looked at mine and asked if I wanted to switch.  I said sure, and I ended up sitting with the Safer Torah on my lap for 30 minutes.  An honor, of course, but easier to be able to walk around, perhaps take a break.   I looked at Mendel as I was sitting (somewhat trapped for 30 minutes) by the bima.  He smiled.  I smiled back.  I learned that it’s ok to have a little fun in shul, and I also learned the difference between Hagba and Gelila.  And that is why every time I see someone getting Hagba I think of Mendel, and smile.  Although now my smile will always have a tear.   May Mendel’s holy neshama have an aliya, his memory be a blessing, and you and your entire family be comforted.   With warmest regards, sympathies and condolences,


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