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By: Chaim Zaklos May 15

not asking anything in return

Dear Yosef and Plotkin Mishpacha,

I was shocked by the news that Mendel is suddenly not with us. A man full of getting things done, to help others without anyone even knowing. Anyone - sometimes even himself. I am one of those who were recipients of his help.

I don’t know this to be a fact but the way he answered my call it seemed that he had done this dozens of times before.

We were in the process of renovating our Chabad house a few years ago and I got myself into major cc debt. I was encouraged by another Shliach to call Mendel. I don’t think he knew me more than being Hindys brother. I don’t think I ever had a conversation with him before this, other than meeting and greeting at mutual simchos when he always seemed fast-paced and up to something. So when he was happy to help I was pleasantly surprised. I am not an easy “customer” and such “business” is not my cup of tea. Having to try to remember my usernames and passwords for example is typical and he patiently walked me through the weeks-long process of getting qualified for balance transfers and guided me on which ones to do (down to the last details of how to best go about it) which allowed me for an extra year or so to buy time to get my monies in order of over 100k - without asking anything in return. What impressed me more was that every time I called him as follow up, he asked me to remind him of my “story” and where things are holding, which gives me the impression that he was juggling a few of these such as helping people out and this was very normal for him, and therefore mine didn’t stand out, and needed reminding what we did already and what was the next step. When I saw him at the bar mitzvah a few months ago I had to remind him that he helped me.

I am certain that now in shomayim, his precious neshama is reminded of all the Shluchim, their families, their communities, and the countless mitzvah’s that were done as a result due to his help (let alone the countless hours of being able to sleep normally) and chabad of Solano county is probably just a number on the long list.

He must have helped more people in his 43 years than the average person does in their whole life.

חבל על דאבדין ולא משתכחין המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

IY"H he should be reunited with his family very soon בביאת משיח נאו

Chaim Zaklos Vacaville, CA

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