Stories & Memories of Miriam Shmueli

By: Anonymous June 2

What I learned from Miriam

To Miriam's family, ...

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By: Anonymous May 12

Every moment precious

My aunt tells over about my grandmother. She would WAKE UP TO SERVE HASHEM, not WHEN she woke up she would do what was needed. Going back in time...Miriam once asked me to sleep over as not to be alone Friday night. ...

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By: Devorah May 11

פסח שני message

Sharing a Pesach Sheini note in Honor of Miriam Shmueli - a Friend to Many ...

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By: Nechama Dina Goldenberg May 10

A genuine joyous smile!

I remember Miriam well from our younger days when I would see her often in 770. She always had a smile – a genuine one – on and we spent many joyous hours in the same space. May her life be an example to all those who met or knew her.

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By: Menucha Lapidus May 6

Sincere Kindness

When I was about 11 yrs old my family moved to CH from an out of town community. I used to travel everyday on the bus with my neighbors to Church Ave where Bais Rivka was located before it moved to Lefferts Ave. Miriam lived near by, and was on my...

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By: שירה כץ May 6

770 friend

Miriam was my 770 friend. Durring the past seven years when I would come to 770 for holidays (tishrei, chanukah, adar, shavuot, etc) we met on kingston shul on errv shabbos. She liked to be in first row at the window on in close proximity to the...

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