Stories & Memories of Miriam Shmueli

By: שירה כץ May 6

770 friend

Miriam was my 770 friend. Durring the past seven years when I would come to 770 for holidays (tishrei, chanukah, adar, shavuot, etc) we met on kingston shul on errv shabbos. She liked to be in first row at the window on in close proximity to the rebbes chair, and I liked the 3 rd row. Until maariv would start we would learn together a Sicha. I would read in hebrew and translate in english and than we discuss it and how it relates to our life. When maariv started she Asked if it would ok to continue afterwards? "Sure, I have planty of time after". she then jumped back to the first row to daven and after maariv we finished the Sicha. She was very happy to learn together. And me too.

One year I bought a seat for tishrei from her in the woman’s section, and she asked me durring, before, after the davenings if every thing is fine, if I’m able to see, hear, what’s going on? Taking an interest if I’m comfortable. She wasnt bothered or concerned when I had two day delay on paying for the seat, she txted me- "we are friends, I can count on you". She gave me a good feeling about it.

As two single girls, we talked about shiduchim and the challenges... she would asked me about info about specific suggestions from israel that she got, if i know some info about them and whats thier story..... I too asked her if she know about suggestions I had from crown heights. We benched eachother every time that we should dance at each other’s weddings very soon.

The biggest zchut I had, was when she asked me to help her with the girls program Shabbos davening in 770 at the Union st. Shul. She introduced me to the cutest girls as "my friend from israel" as I helped them follow in the siddur during davening. I got to observe how much patients, care, love and respect she had to these young girls. I later learned how these girls anticipated to come every week, to daven, get a nash bag, hear a story of the Rebbe this included learning what the chazan Is doing and why. The Mothers came to pick them up at 12:15 and thanked miriam for her program and time she dedicated for this Project.

A girl from the israeli group girls that comes every year for Tishrei, wrote about miriam, how she managed the order and the cominations of the two groups in a way that everyone were satisfaied with where they are sitting, and when she saw israeli girls sitting nicely and quiet, she inveted them to the window in the first row to see the man section. This last Tishrei on Shabbes Beraishis, I saw her learning with a group of woman between mincha and maariv and I joined them. Before maariv started she asked me if i would like to join her after havdala to go to the Rebbes room? she said think about it.... After davening was over, we went together To the Rebbes room, it was an uplifting experience and really something that I needed before going back home to israel.

On shabbos, אחרי מות-קדושים she was in my mind tge whole shabbos, i didnt know why im thinking about her so strongly. I planned to txt her to ask how is she managing with the corona days and it didnt happen at the end. She passed away on that shabbos.

I will miss her very much.

"המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים"

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