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By: Devorah May 11

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Sharing a Pesach Sheini note in Honor of Miriam Shmueli - a Friend to Many What would you like to be when you grow up? For Miriam, it had to be something in the field of education. From our conversations together, this has been on her mind since she was a youngster. Miriam didn't just give over information but actually worked to educate.

By hashgacha pratis we find ourselves during the days leading up to the Pesach Sheni. The first Pesach in the midbar certain individuals were disqualified from bringing the karban Pesach. Feeling they were missing out, albeit due to another holy act, they asked why should we lose out on this mitzvah? This brought about a new opportunity for generations to come, for all those who unintentionally or even intentionally missed out on bringing the Karban Pesach. These individuals now had another chance. The Freirdiker Rebbe has brought to the forefront an important lesson, it is never too late -es is nitah kein farfallen. The Rebbe stressed many times- take advantage of the lesson of Pesach Sheni, uplift, elevate,improve. Even if it was done just fine and good, or even great- there is still room for improvement. Let others know about this opportunity! So much so, that the Rebbe tells us, a teacher never forgets their students. Even after one is under the care of another teacher and /or has moved on to a different school, there's a chance to still reach out and share additional knowledge that they have now acquired. Previously the teacher's knowledge had been limited. Now the teacher has advanced in chochma, bina, daas and wishes to share the newly acquired insights with their former students. Following along the same idea of catching up and improving, the Rebbe points out, teachers can reach out to former students who have even become teachers of their own. Learning this this year had an even stronger significance. Of the things that Miriam held dear was chinuch. Miriam put out so much for education for younger children and older individuals, time and money. She wanted people to know. She wanted people to be and feel connected. Miriam wanted all to have a chayus in living as a Yid! As a mekushar, Miriam wanted others to have a chayus as a Lubavither chassid and carrying out the Rebbe's hora'os. As the Rebbe says, teachers don't forget their students; Miriam kept a warm connection with her students. When Miriam excelled in her knowledge, she went to impart more knowledge. As we see some, of her younger students later came to learn hypnobirthing with Miriam. Moreover just as Miriam hanivia awaited the geula and included others in this vision, dear Miriam very much koched in Moshiach. Which brings us to another lesson from Pesach Sheni. The Rebbe brings out how did Pesach Sheini actually come about? Through the people asking, demanding lamah nigaara?!? Why should they lose out? Why should they lose out on a mitzvah? Now we have to demand from Hashem lama nigara?!? Why should we lose out? We want to serve You in the Beis Hamikdash! We want to fulfill Your mitzvos!LAMA NIGARA?!? Vihekitzu viraninu shichnei afar - vhee bsocham Can’t wait to see you again Miriam

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