Stories & Memories of Miriam Shmueli

By: Menucha Lapidus May 6

Sincere Kindness

When I was about 11 yrs old my family moved to CH from an out of town community. I used to travel everyday on the bus with my neighbors to Church Ave where Bais Rivka was located before it moved to Lefferts Ave. Miriam lived near by, and was on my bus stop that picked us up from Montgomery and Kingston Ave. I was a shy child, and it was overwhelming for me to join such a large, and different type of community. I remember Miriam so well. She always thought of me, and went out of her way to make me feel included. She saved a seat for me on the bus, and she offered me to sit with her. I remember feeling so happy and comforted inside. She talked to me, always making sure that I was ok. I remember Miriam on the bus laughing and talking with her friends, but never the less she cared and looked out for me too. She was so aware from such a young age and practiced true Ahavas Yisroel for a new girl on the block. I dont remember anyone else who went out of their way the way she did for me as a new commer. I have the most fondest childhood memories of Miriam!

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