Stories & Memories of Miriam Shmueli

By: Anonymous June 2

What I learned from Miriam

To Miriam's family,

Thank you very much for the shloshim yesterday. It gave me a refocus to connect more to what is emes in life... because to me that is who Miriam was. It's so odd to refer to her in the past, because I feel like she's still here!

I knew Miriam from around, but also from the Union Street shul in 770. I'm in awe when I think of her. I wonder how a person can live up to who she was. Maybe she was just a special soul, or maybe with avodah, I can try to emulate the middos she had.

When I would come to daven, Miriam would always greet me with a warm smile. She would be surrounded by her group of students that she'd arrange a front row davening for. As an adult, I often felt like her student too... I would listen in on her different explainations to the davening, and the stories she would share. But over that, I would just watch her to learn from her.

Miriam had this way about her that made people feel comfortable in her presence. She was so sharp and knowledgeable, yet she never made you feel inadequate. When I think about it, I think it came from a true bittul. In her interactions with others, it just wasn't about herself. She would really be there for the other person, and that's what made people feel so comfortable around her. She had an aura of emes, and chassidishkeit. It didn't need to be expressed in words... you just felt that b'pnimius that is who she was. When I would stand next to her during davening, I was brought to focus on kedusha and what's real.

I can't imagine who will take her place in shul. She was just so unique and special. Who will educate her students in the same way that she did? But then I think of her big welcoming smile. I imagine her dressed regally with her bag of treats and tickets, standing in front of the Beis Hamikdash, and waiting to greet us. No doubt she has a front row saved, so that we can really experience the joy and holiness up close! I could see her pointing out to us many explainations and all of the beauty in the Beis Hamikdash. I see her giving us a tour of all the jobs and functions there, so that we don't feel left out, and can properly understand all the excitement and holiness there!

I'm really looking forward, and I know Miriam is helping us to bring Moshiach now!

It should be bekarov mamash!

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