Stories & Memories of Mrs. Rochel Heber

By: Annonymus April 29

Our special Bubby

Dear Bubby,

There are some words that are automatically associated with certain characteristics. The word bubby conjures up images of a warm, caring grandmother who will do anything for her grandchildren. Of course this is the idolized version, most real life bubbies don't always fit this definition. Yet I am lucky to have a bubby who did.

Bubby, I never met someone who so completely put aside their own needs and desires to focus on the needs and desires of others. And to do this not for one person but kah tens of times over, making each einekel, each person who was lucky enough to know you, feel as though they are the only thing in the world that matters. You didn't just take and interest in our lives, you experienced it together with us. Our pain was your pain and our happiness was your greatest joy. You gave of yourself endlessly.

Your smile, time, energy, patience, guidance, love, devotion and care never seemed to run out, or even run low. No matter how busy you were there was never a time you were too busy for me, or anyone else who you interacted with. You were always happy to see us, always willing to shmooze with us, always eager to offer a listening ear and helping hand. While we all knew that it's not possible to leave bubby's house hungry, your unconditional love and support left us feeling satiated long after we left.

I could give examples, but it would have no end, because what you did for us had no limits. Bubby thank you for giving me and the other eineklach a gift so special and rare. The gift of knowing that there is one person we were able to turn to at anytime, anywhere, for anything in the world, who would always be there for us.

I hope that you get nachas from above watching the family tree you planted blossom and thrive under your everlasting loving care.

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