Stories & Memories of R' Dovid Mishulovin

By: Eliyahu December 14

A Vareme Chasidishe Yid!

BDE! A Vareme Chasidishi Yid. I used to enjoy talking to him when I was a bochur on shlichus in LA. He would complain how today you can’t tell anyone off, and people get offended, unlike the old chasidishe way where ziknei hachsidim would tell a person to his face about issues that need to be corrected. He constantly “lived” with the chasidim that he grew up with and knew well, Reb Bentzion Maroz, Reb Eliyohu Paritcher, Reb Boruch and Reb Chaim Avrohom Duchman, Reb Yerachmiel Chodosh (der alter), and later in later years Reb Berke Chein and Reb Mendel Futerfas. He once was speaking about the uniqueness of the chasidim over misnagdim, and then said such a beautiful line – “ich hob lib yeder yid, un ch”v hob nit feint di misnagdim, ich hob poshut rachmonus oif zei, zei zainen zeir premitiv”, in other words he looked at those who weren’t zoiche to the oir of chasidus as being primitive, as after the world was zoiche to such a new light giving deep meaning to Elekus, Yidin, Torah and Mitzvos, anyone who lacks that understanding is sadly primitive. [He said that Reb Eliyohu Paritcher was a geon oilom, and yet if you came to him with a shale, he would ask to bring the shulchon uruch to first look inside to make sure he was paskening right. There was a misgnadishe rov in Samarkand, that if you came and asked him something and it was clear he couldn’t remember off hand the Halocho, he would say “oisiyois machkimois” so I’d rather look inside…] I remember that when Reb Meilach Zwiebel AH visited his son in law Rabbi Oster in LA, he would spend a lot of time talking to Reb Dovid. Reb Meilach then told me that because Reb Dovid didn’t leave Russia in 5706-7 together with most chasidim, and left over 20 years later, he lived many more years of mesirus nefesh and it’s clear in his “mehus” that he is different to most people his age. יהי זכרו ברוך, והחי יתן אל לבו, הבא ונלמוד קצת מדרכיהם של חסידים כמוהו. אנשים שלא היו בדוקא לומדים ומשכילים גדולים, אך חיו עם האמת של אלקות, ודרכי החסידים בערו בעצמותיהם.

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