Stories & Memories of R' Dovid Mishulovin

By: Laky Frimerman December 14

Childhood memories

Rabbi D. Mishulovin a''h is special person I remember from my childhood. Growing up, I didnt know or understand his mesiras nefesh for yiddishkeit and all that he endured in Russia. I have the memories of a child... As children growing up in LA, my siblings and I played outdoors a lot, playing tag, collecting rocks, riding bikes and just passing the time in the bright sun. Every so often, Rabbi Mishulovin would drive up our block and stop in front of our house. He would call us over, we already knew what he needed, and I was always happy to volunteer. He would pull out a freshly written Mezuza klaf, point to random letters, and ask us what letter they were. I didn't understand the significance, but I felt priviledged to be a part of it. When I was done, he would say thank you, in his soft spoken way and hand me a sesame candy. I would skip off happily, not really caring for the sesame candy, (it wasn't my favorite candy.) The warm feeling inside, was better than any candy. He had such a gentle kind demeanor to him.

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