Stories & Memories of R' Dovid Mishulovin

By: M.W. December 14

What a geshmake person

I would see him a lot when I was on shlichus in Ohr Elchonon just a few years ago. I once helped him walk from the Zal to his car. I asked him, “vos macht ir”. He responded, “nu, a por mitzvos, a sach avairos”. A taste of old chassidishe humility, people that don’t take themselves too seriously.

I remember him telling us stories from the old country. One in particular about his teacher in cheder that was afraid he’d be drafted by the Russian army. The Rebbe Rashab blessed him, “there is nothing to worry about.” He was still nervous and seriously injured his thumb. For the rest of his life, his thumb was like this… (Reb Dovid showed this to us with is own hand…)

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