Stories & Memories of R' Dovid Mishulovin

By: Yossi Feldman December 16

A Memory

I, too, knew him from my days in YOEC. One of the many things that he was makpid on was that during davening there should always be (at least) two candles lit.

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By: Anonymous December 16

A student

He taught us chassidus in LA in the 80’s. Temimim’dik, Eidelkiet, Chassidishkait, with a true Emes through n through. A Heilige Neshomo. BD”H.

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By: Mushka December 15

My zeidy

Zeideh Dovid. ...

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By: Moishe Shmukler December 15

REB DOVID The essence of a Melamed

He was my Melamed for a few years…… Was a little boy then, didn’t fully appreciate it at the time. Years later when I grew up, it sunk in…. not so much the learning…. but the chassidishkeit, varimkeit that was embedded from having a true...

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By: יהודה December 14

What a Chossid!!

What a Chossid, from the remainders of the old chasidishe generation from the shtetelach in Russia (he was born and raised in Vitebsk from before the war). There was so much to see in him. ...

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By: Laky Frimerman December 14

Childhood memories

Rabbi D. Mishulovin a''h is special person I remember from my childhood. Growing up, I didnt know or understand his mesiras nefesh for yiddishkeit and all that he endured in Russia. ...

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By: M.W. December 14

What a geshmake person

I would see him a lot when I was on shlichus in Ohr Elchonon just a few years ago. I once helped him walk from the Zal to his car. I asked him, “vos macht ir”. He responded, “nu, a por mitzvos, a sach avairos”. A taste of old chassidishe...

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By: Eliyahu December 14

A Vareme Chasidishe Yid!

BDE! ...

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