Stories & Memories of Rabbi Wagner

By: Shiva Story May 11


When I was in yeshiva, there wasn't a shliach in downtown Toronto. As Chanukah approached, I got permission to place a huge menorah in the Eaton Center. Rabbi Wagner granted us permission to spend two hours a day at the menorah, running mivtzoim. But, being the enthusiastic bochurim we were, we ended up spending much more time there than we had agreed upon.

Later, we were all called in and gently reprimanded for not sticking to the agreed-upon time. But just as we thought our meeting was over, Rabbi Wagner took out a check and said, "This is my participation in your activity." The check was made out for $1,000. Even though he had just scolded us, he showed his unwavering support and encouragement for our efforts to spread the light of Chanukah.

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