Stories & Memories of Rabbi Wagner

By: Shlomo May 9

Father son shabbos

I want to first say that I felt so appreciated and understood by Rabbi Wagner. I was talking to my father today about the father and son shabbos we had in Toronto and how impressed he was how sharp and down to earth R wagner seemed to him. I remembered something small that happened that shabbos and I thought to share that here. We used to sing camp songs in zal late at night and one of us called r wagner and he listened over the phone and he commented on a harmony that he heard me sing. At the father son shabbos, he motioned that I should be chazan. My father got a lot of nachas from me being the chazan and I'm sure that's what R wagner was thinking when he sent me up. I think he wanted to make sure my father had nachas from me over shabbos. My father also stayed in R wagner's house that shabbos and was welcomed by him warmly erev shabbos when he arrived.

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