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By: מתלמידי רבי עקיבא - אהלי תורה תשנ"ה May 19

Song: A Small Cup Of Wine He Holds In His Hand...

According to my recollection (and I recently confirmed this with an older staff member from that year), it was our dear giant Rabbi Akiva Wagner Z”L who actually composed this famous camp song; inspiring generations to come. Camp Gan Yisroel - Detroit - 5749:

A small cup of wine he holds in his hand

Young Mendel at a Farbrengen does stand

Thousands of men standing in awe

Their attention to the Rebbe is drawn

Though Mendel stood there his mind was elsewhere

To hear the Farbrengen he did not care

He just could not wait until it was done

So he could go home and have fun

As he walked down the street, his friends he would meet

They'd teach him to lie and they'd teach him to cheat

He'd look to both sides to make sure no one saw

Then Mendel would break every law

It occurred to him at a Farbrengen one week

After all it's to me that the Rebbe does speak

His words to my heart I must take

What a difference to me it would make

How can I stand every week and ignore

The words being said by the Nossi HaDar

He decides with tears in his eyes

Enough of my cheating and lies

As he walked down the street, he met his best friend

He told him my bad ways have come to an end

I've come to regret all the things that I did

From now on I'll be a Chosid

זכה ורבים השיב מעון והשי"ת יזכנו לקיום היעוד הקיצו ורננו שוכני עפר והוא בתוכם במהרה בימינו ממש, וקהל גדול ישובו הנה.

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