Stories & Memories of Rabbi Chaim Meir Lieberman

By: Yossi Marrus December 14

A Man of Exceptional Chesed

To my dear Lieberman family,

While I may not be blood related, from the moment I entered your home in 1992, you welcomed me to become part of the family. While there were many people living in 724 back then, including a couple of Miami Shapiro boys, Shapiro from California, a couple of Margolin boys, Wolowick, Vechter and some others, not counting the many other guests, each one of us was made to feel welcome and wanted. Bli ayin hara, non withstanding your own large Mishpochoh itself, the tremendous Hanchnosas Orchim and Chesed of R. Chaim Meir A"H and YLT Sarah is something that is forever ingrained in my mind. To this day I don't know how it was done. But always with a smile and grace.

But it was much more than that. The personal care and concern that I always felt when talking to R. Chaim Meir was so special. He cared about how I was doing in Yeshiva, if i had enough money, if I needed to borrow a car and more. His calm and sage advice to me on Gimmel Tammuz calmed a confused and deeply upset Bochur. He always knew what to say and how to find something positive, even in the darkest hour.

After I left on shlichus, he was always so concerned and proud about my shlichus, how I was being treated and or difficult situations that I was dealing with. He was someone that I turned to, especially in challenging times, for advice and some humor. And of course, he never let me take myself too seriously either. A good joke, some sound advice, whether I wanted to hear it or not, was part of the package. Whenever I visited in the following years, it was like nothing changed, minus not recognizing all the new guests and Mishpochoh at 724. After me, my brothers and sisters all made the Lieberman home our crown heights base, and each one of us felt so welcomed.

The last time we had a L'chaim together was at my daughter's wedding, two and half years back. While I was already under the influence of L'chaim (which he pointed out of course) we said L'chaim together and schmoozed. His genuine joy and Simcha for me and my family, encapsulates in some way who he was. The way his eyes sparkled with happiness at a gut vort, a good tiding, or good news, only paled in comparison to his broad and genuine smile. The smile that I and so many others would get when we met up with him.

And his reminder, every time, "to be real and not get carried away by all the garbage and accolades".

Dear Lieberman family, from San Antonio, Texas, Malkie and I are with you in this most difficult time. We extend to you our love, blessings and heartfelt Nichumim on the passing of Hai Gavra Rabbah - a most wonderful, kind, generous Chossid. May all of you only know Simchos and good things henceforth.

Hamakom Yenachem Eschem Metoch Sha'ar Aveli Tzion Veyurshalayim

Respectfully, Yossi & Malkie Marrus

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