Stories & Memories of Rabbi Chaim Meir Lieberman

By: Naftoli Lewin December 18

Mah nomar?

...Deeply saddened to learn of the passing of a y'did yokor, Horav Chaim Meir, zikhrono livrokhoh. We first met about 21 years ago, when, having relocated to Boro Park, I wandered into the Gurary bookstore off New Utrecht Avenue. Many thought-provoking discussions ensued, and I bought a book or two too. Reb Chaim Meir z"l helped me with some challenges I was dealing with then, with his chochmas-chaim and in practical ways too. We remained in touch over the years. I will miss him. To his remarkable family, l'orekh yomim tovim -- HaMokom y'nakhem eskhem b'sokh sh'ar availai Tzion vi'Y'rusholayim! May he be for you a great mailitz yosher for akh tov vokhesed mikahn u'l'haboh, tomid kol hayomim!

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