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By: Rabbi Mendel Popack December 14


REBBES SHLICHUS EXPERIENCES I am heartbroken and deeply saddened at the loss Of a chaver and Shlichus partner Harav Chaim Meir Halevi z’l Lieberman. Although we were physically distant over 10,000 miles from each other our hearts were very close. We had 3 Shlichus experiences that we were blessed with together. The first was before the Summer of 1974 when CM And myself were called into the office of Harav Hodakov A”H, and asked if we are prepared to go on Shlichus for 6 weeks with our spouses to Panama for the duration of the summer. When we answered in the affirmative he said have you asked your wives? Please ask them to come and see me. The next day the four of us were in Rabbi Hodakovs office (which was the size of a closet) the women sat we stood in back of their chairs and he wanted to hear from them if they are prepared to go. All the time his finger was over the buzzer on the phone which goes to the Rebbe. To my knowledge this was the first time the Rebbe sent 2 couples together with 6 bochurim to a Summer Shlichus.

The Second time was before Purim 1975 about 8 months later. Once again CM and myself were called in to Harav Hodakovs office and asked if we were prepared to go to Panama and the Canal Zone Which has Jewish military servicemen who would benefit from celebrating Purim and listening to the Megillah. When we said yes this time without our spouses and we had to obtain permission.

The Third time was getting the Shlichus to Cape Town South Africa in the Beginning of תשל״ו And we traveled together to SA after the Rebbe Escorted us out to the front of 770 as we left to the airport. המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים.

Mendel and Avigail Popack

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