Stories & Memories of Rabbi Chaim Meir Lieberman

By: Susan Shapiro December 13

Where do we begin?

Our story begins in Cape Town South Africa about 44+ years ago when Chaim Meir and Sara were on shlichus.

I remember watching him and Mendel Popack dancing alone on Simchas Torah in the shul (no one had heard of Hakofos on Simchas Torah yet). Fast forward, started dating my husband who used to eat at the Liebermans almost every Shabbos. We used to go regularly for Shabbos and then after dating for about 8 months, Chaim Meir said "Either you get married or you call it off!" So we decided to get married!!!

Our wedding was the first wedding the Liebermans and the Popacks made in Cape Town. It certainly became the talk of the town.

Fast foward when it came time to send our two oldest boys to Yeshiva, Chaim Meir said "send them here" and they lived with the Liebermans for a total of about 10 years. So many stories came out of the chessed that Chaim Meir and Sara did for them, without telling us, way after the fact.

4 of our children had L'chaim's in their house. Chaim Meir came to 4 out of the six weddings, including to the one in Pittsburgh where our son married the daughter of Keren and Yisroel Leeds. Keren we met at the Liebermans in Cape Town and this was a full circle for them.

There are so many more little stories we can tell, but the most important is that I believe we owe the existence of our children and the nachus of them and our grandchildren to Chaim Meir and Sara. These are their children and grandchildren, too.

Chaim Meir and Sara have been there for us with good things and some challenges along the way and we will never be able to express our gratitude enough to both.

Our hearts go out to Sara who will continue WITHOUT COMPROMISE! without Chaim Meir and continue to inspire others. May Hashem give her the strength to continue, with the love and support of her amazing family and friends.

I cannot imagine a world without Chaim Meir z"l, and really really want Moshiach now!

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