Stories & Memories of Menachem Mendel ben Dovid Okunov OBM

Rabbi Mendel Okunov OBM

Reb Mendel grew up in communist Russia in a home of Mesirus Nefesh (self sacrifice) keeping Torah and Mitzvos in the underground Yeshivas and at every cost.

When he immigrted to the US he joing his siblings as a Shliach of the Rebbe in the in the F.R.E.E. organization dedicating over 4 decades to educating Jewish children (primarily but not exclusively immigrants from the former societ union).

He ran the Russian Division - Yeshivas Ohel Dovid in the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva and established and directed Camp F.R.E.E - Gan Israel, impacting hundreds of children's lives.

His selflessness and love to every individual person was always perceived by all as if they were the most important person in his life at the moment.

He was the most loving and dedicated family person devoted to each member of his large family!

His magical dmile just melted everyone's heart and his sincere piety and dedication to the Rebbe was an inspiration to anyone who encountered him.

Even while battling various health conditions throught the last 2 decades, he always pushed forward, never conceding to nature and proving to the whole world that if there is a will there is a way!

Just 10 days prior to his passing he celebrated his 70th birthday surrounded by his family, friends and many of his former students, Farbrenging and sharing how he impacted their lives and strengthened their connection to Judaism and to the Rebbe.

May his passing be the final straw needed to bring Moshiach, when Hasehm abolish death forever and wipe away all tears!


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Menachem Mendel ben Dovid Okunov OBM

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