Stories & Memories of Rabbi Sholom Dovber Sanowicz

By: Nissan Mangel November 24

Nissan Mangel

The passing of ר' שלום בער ע"ה Sanowicz is a great loss to me personally, to our Shul, Ksav Sofer, as well as to the entire community. He was a long-time, distinguished member of our Shul. Reb Sholom Ber was a Talmid Chochom, and one of his outstanding characteristics was his great love of studying Torah. He attended all the shiurim in Nigle and Chassidus, and never missed a Farbrengen - Shabbos, YomTov and yomei d'pagreh. He always stayed until the end of the hisvaduyos. One could see the special joy on his face when he heard a new insight, a chassidishe vort, and especially an inspiring chassidishe sippur. He told me several times, that when he comes home after a farbrengen, he repeats the gist of what was said at the farbrengen. Also, that he writes down for himself the sippurim which he heard at the farbrengen. Reb Sholom Ber will be greatly missed.

Hamokom yenachem eschem b'soch shaar aveili tzion v'yerushalayim.

Nissan Mangel

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