Stories & Memories of Rabbi Benny Wolff

By: Anonymous April 30

Dear Sternie

Dear Sternie and family שיחיו,

In middle of class, a student asked if Tehillim can be said for her uncle. A short while later, she said that he passed away. No hug, no shoulder to cry on, when people are on zoom.

I told her about you Sternie. You gathered your precious family and with courage and true Hiskashrus, you said that you are marching forward, continuing your עבודת הקדש, never stopping. והחי יתן אל לבו Is your motto.

The student dried her tears, as she listened to your message, Sternie.

What gives you, dearest niece, the power to push away the darkness?
What gives you, Sternie, the desire to stay in Germany, and not run away closer to family?
What charges and energizes you to remain loyal, connected and כאיש אחד בלב אחד, with your Kehillah in Germany?

Sternie, we are supposed to comfort you.
But you are the one to comfort the world.

You bring such intense light out of the darkness. You shine with אמונה ובטחון. May The Eibershter and the Rebbe מה"מ bentch you to greet Moshiach now.


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