Stories & Memories of Rabbi Benny Wolff

By: Anonymous April 28

Benny and Shternie, Amazing Shluchim

I have to say I never saw shluchim with such ahavas yisroel like Benny and Sterni...

I remember there was an older Israeli girl in their house, she didn’t have a place to live and was already living and eating in their house for a few months with no plans of leaving... All she did in return was teach the kids violin. They made it sound like it was completely normal and there were many other people that they took into their home over the years.

There was another counselor in the camp who became frum by them, Benny and Sterni basically adopted and raised her, and she was dating a frum boy when we were there.

They were helping many people constantly and quietly not making a big deal out of anything.

Every Friday night there was a packed Shul and a big sit down kiddish with people from all over, and you could see how everyone loved Benny, he would speak and sing and had many chassidim and made such a warm environment. He was constantly working hard and shlepping, driving a big van of campers on trips, no job was beneath his dignity and he always had a big smile for everyone.

He was a real inspiration of a shliach that really cared about the Jews there and not for the kavod...

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