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Fundraiser for Rabbi Benny Wolff

We will not leave the Wolff family from Hanover all alone!

We prayed, we begged, we cried for Benny’s complete recovery, but Hashem had other plans.

Our beloved friend and devoted Shliach Rabbi Benny Wolff, passed away at the young age of 43 years old.

Rabbi Benny left behind his dear wife Shternie and eight young children (ages 3-19 years old).

Together with his family, Rabbi Benny established a vibrant Jewish community, that served as a Lighthouse for Jews of all backgrounds in Hanover Germany.

Rabbi Benny’s last wish was, that his Shlichut in Hanover should carry on!

We are committed to continue Benny’s life mission and ensure that Benny’s family will not carry that responsibility alone.

Please help us ensure that Benny’s life mission will carry on!

Please help us ensure that Benny’s widow and orphans will be looked after!

Am Yisroel - We are all one family!

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