Stories & Memories of Rabbi Benny Wolff

By: Bluma Nussbaum Sherrow April 30


I had the privilege of being at your Chabad house a few times while working at Rampal Cellular Stock market in Bnei Brak (Bluma Nussbaum Sherrow, tall charedi South African).

I have vivid memories of his energetic, inspiring and positive presence. He was able to control and direct an entire room of people from all walks of life while making every person feel special with his unique combination of warmth and depth.

I do not remember many details from my various travels for work (it gets blurry after a while) but when I do or need a story to recount, it somehow always involves Hanover, your Chabad House, your absolute hachnosas orchim and giving and Rabbi Wolff's O"H inextinguishable spark.

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