Stories & Memories of Rabbi Benny Wolff

By: Devorah Leah Hertz, Chanie Teldon, Malky Diskin and Mushka Paltiel April 29

Memories of Hannover 2010

We had a really great experience in our few weeks in Hannover! We had a good time in camp and after hours entertainment, but what sticks with me the most is the environment of your home and Chabad house and watching you raise chassidishe children in middle of Germany.

We had many discussions talking about the Shlichus in Hannover and about raising chasidishe kids. We remember having one for hours on a fast day about what it means to raise a chassidishe family and it was very inspiring for us and the lessons are in our kids until this day.

It was amazing to see how the kids were so involved in the shlichus and so much a part of it, it was their life and they loved every minute of it! I remember Benny & Sterny being on top of the kids at camp with the delicate balance of making sure they feel special and in charge but also paying attention to the rest of the kids as well. Mussie and Chani were the older ones and were so well behaved! They helped us translate into German for our bunks.

We remember Benny always around asking what he can do to help whether it was camp related or just making sure the counselors were having a good time and we had what we need. The bathroom was stuffed once and Benny was there a minute later even though he was in middle of things.

The first time we went on an outing and had to go to the train station, he walked us there and kept saying how it wasn’t a big deal at all. I remember Benny talking to Sarah Feldman - a junior counselor who was becoming frum - for many hours on Shabbos, answering all her questions. We went to Bergen Belson on a Sunday and Benny helped us get a driver and was in touch with the driver to make sure it was all taken care of.

We had a great time but most of all what we stayed with us is the atmosphere you created in your home and shlichus.

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