Stories & Memories of Rabbi Benny Wolff

By: Rochelle Leah Eliefja (Gershon) April 30


I have the fondest memories of my time spent doing CGI Hanover. I clearly remember the awe I felt seeing and feeling the mesiras nefesh the Wolff family had on a daily basis, the shelf-life milk shipped from afar, the mini shluchos and shluchim clearly seen in each of the beautiful kids, watching them give endlessly to the community. The Judaica shop, the delicious meals, I remember the beautiful Kiddush lunch with so many people who absolutely loved your family.

We as counselors loved sitting with your family, hearing everything Rabbi Benny a"h, you and the kids would tell us about, from the process of getting a bike license in Germany, to the miracle story with your baby daughter, beautiful shlichus stories, always with such joy, patience and love. We felt so well taken care of there, and experienced the same dedication that we saw you treating every single person there with.

Our hearts are breaking with you now. Hashem should comfort you all as only He can, and bring Moshiach right now.

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