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By: Yisroel January 31

$1 Donation receipt

Hi my name is Yisroel Lebovic. I'm from crown heights. I had only one interaction with yudi, but it left an impression on me and I would like to share it. I was about 16 years old. I was finishing up davening in 770 one day. I recall that it was about 11 am which means that I was running very late and feeling a bit low.. I was rushing to finish up and get to yeshiva. Next to me was Rabbi Dukes who had just finished putting away his talis. He turned to me and asked me very enthusiastically and with a huge smile "do you know what jnet is? Do you want to make a donation?" I happened to know what it was and I was more than happy to hand him the $1 bill that was crumpled up I'm my pocket. He replied "thank you so much" then he said something that surprised me, he continued "what's your email address" the question cought me off guard, as that was the first time I was asked that question. I couldn't understand what he was getting at. He saw my confusion and clarified "I want to send you an email receipt for your donation" this he said grinning. I was taken aback. I thought to myself "this guy is something else. I gave him only a dollar, and I'm just a teenager, why is he taking me and my donation so seriously and giving it all this attention?" I gave him my email address and he sent me the receipt. I left that interaction realizing that this is a man that actually lives by the motto that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is important. No matter how small the donation, and no matter how young I was. Yudi was passionate and ALL THERE with his full attention when he was ineracting with me and doing his shlichus. I try to live by this example, to be fully involved in what I do and give my full attention to everyone and everything that I'm involved in.

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