Stories & Memories of Rabbi Yudi Dukes

By: Norman Leibovitz February 14


It was Cheshvan 5780 and my wife and I were in NYC. We went to the Ohel the one morning and spent about 2 hours there. As we stood outside waiting for our ride back to Midtown, Yudi and Sarah were also standing outside. I was wearing a Beanie with the South African Rugby logo on it. Sarah immediately recognised my the logo and we started talking. She informed us that she has family in South Africa and we then had a common subject to speak about. I started talking to Yudi and immediately I knew that I was speaking to a Tzadik with a special Neshoma. His warmth and gentleness belied an inner strength and commitment to Torah and Mitzvahs. This brief meeting with Yudi had a profound positive effect on me which I can’t really explain suffice to say it was a privilege to be the Ohel at that time to meet Yudi and Sarah. He was a True Chossid of the Rebbe! May his memory be for a Blessing and may his family know no more sorrow!

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