Stories & Memories of Rabbi Yudi Dukes

By: Rackel Kirschenbaum February 1

“A surprising visitor” while myself at N.Y.U...

I have never met or known Yudi ah personally.... But I must admit that being part of the Tehillim chat from Day 1,(still ongoing), I feel that I’ve known him “so well”.... While I myself was hospitalized with Covid at NYU, Sara had come to visit me&even brought me some yummy sweets..... Next I know? Yudi ah facetimes me!! Thanking me for all the Tehillim I’ve said on his behalf&just chatting away, to make ME feel better!! Even asked for my full had posted it on HIS!! I was blown away by their kindness&thoughtfulness even in their toughest time......He was literally in the room adjacent to mine&felt so terrible to not be able to visit him in person...(Covid). His Eshet chayil (May she live long&well)never missed updating US on his medical status, even in the bleakest times....TY from the bottom of my heart! Also, even-though I’ve always said Tehillim for others, with Yudi’s thread? WAS just incredible! I (WE) was always on top of it in order to NEVER miss even 1 kapitel, Cz I felt (&still DO) so “committed”to it..... Yudi.... as I said above....I’ve never met U in person, but I DO feel privileged&honored to have had some type of “connection” with U as well as with your beautiful Eshet chayil (whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet BH). May Hashem bring back ALL our loved ones, ALL special neshamas with the coming of Mashiach Tssidkeinu NOW!!

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