Stories & Memories of Rabbi Yudi Dukes

By: Yaacov Vidal February 12

Always focused on his Shlichus!

At one Kinus Hashluchim, I clearly remember meeting Yudi on Eastern Parkway. He was pushing a double stroller with 2 Kinderlach in it. It was cold. It was in the morning and Yudi with Talis bag over his shoulder was on his way to Davening. I see him after not having seen him for a while and after the initial Sholom Aleichem and embrace, I see that he was holding a whole bunch of JNET pamphlets. He immediately explained to me what JNET was and get me to sign up. He was so passionate about keeping Torah alive around the globe. He wanted to make sure that every Yid who wants to learn should have a solid Chavrusa. After our conversation, I saw that Yudi was indeed going around to every Shliach and trying to do the same. Of course the Dibuk Chaveirim was important to him but he made sure that even during the Kinus he was on Shlichus and every Chavrusa he paired up was a massive success! His impact in the world was infinite even before he was unwell. He will forever be an inspiration!

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