Stories & Memories of Rabbi Yudi Dukes

By: Miriam Gerber February 1

He Always Remembered His Teacher

I was Yudi’s teacher when he was in 2nd grade in Cheder Lubavitch in Morristown. It was a really amazing class. The boys were all very bright and loved learning. Even in a class like that, Yudi stood out for his outstanding abilities in learning and his good middos. He was a really good example and leader to the other boys. He had a real chayus in whatever he did and always had a smile. He was so excited to learn new things. I moved on Shlichus to Philadelphia and didn’t see Yudi for many years. Then, one year at the Kinus Hashuchos, there was a display of different organizations that had something to offer for the Shluchos. There was Yudi, standing at his J Net booth, all grown up, but with the same smile and friendliness. He remembered me as his teacher which gave me a lot of nachas. Since then, I saw Yudi several times, usually at his JNet booth. He always gave me the same warm greeting as his teacher. Whenever he would meet my husband in 770, he would always tell him to send regards to his teacher. In honor of Yudi, I started a chavrusah with a woman in my community who has been very lonely. While it’s not officially a JNet chavrusa, I started it in Yudi’s zechus.

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