Stories & Memories of Rabbi Yudi Dukes

By: Chani Ludman February 12

Yudi, the bochur I remember

About 20 years ago Yudi was learning in yeshiva in Argentina, we have a Chabad house an hour away from Buenos Aires and we had bochurim coming over for Yomim tovim, and we were privileged to have Yudi over. I don't remember how many bochurim came during all this years, but from all, I only remember Yudi. I remember him very well, I remember him helping out, smiling and showing so much care. And then, for years, when we went to New York we use to find Yudi on the street and he would always stop to talk, to ask how our shichus was, to encourage, to give a nice word, to show how much he cared... I remember meeting him once shortly after he got married, he presented us his wife with so much pride.. I wish and pray for Moshiach now, so we will all be seeing Yudi again, and his wonderful smile will shine once again.

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