Stories & Memories of Rabbi Yudi Dukes

By: Itche Zalmanov February 23

Yudi's Passion

Since I was first approached by Yudi to join Jnet some 13 years ago, I have been through many Chavrusos. Whenever Yudi would see me he would always ask how the learning is going, and he would always remember my current Chavrusa's name and subject, which is amazing considering the hundreds of Chavrusos that he kept track of in this manner! I would also like to say that thanks to Yudi and Jnet us "Crown Heighters" have an easy and accessible Shlichus, and it adds so much to my life. B"H with my current Chavrusa we are almost finished the first part of Tanya (we were honored with a certificate when we finished 34 chapters), and it is an amazing experience for both of us! When my Chavrusa heard what happened he literally started to cry... Moshiach Now!

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