Stories & Memories of Rabbi Yudi Dukes

By: Noah Goldman January 27

Pray Before Israel

I made a mistake. In the summer of 2019, I was to go to Israel with Birthright but I needed to get from Charlotte to New York. I had my flight to New York but a DAY EARLIER than I needed it. I reached out to Sarah Dukes asking if she knew of any...

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By: Rachel Samuels January 27


I will never forget meeting Sarah almost 10 years ago at a music group in Crown Heights. We went on to enjoy many different gatherings together, some of them beautiful Shabbos meals at her home. I’ll never forget what a gentle, sweet father Yudi...

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By: Malka Forshner January 27

I've know Yudi Dukes for a loooong time...

About forty years ago, a rather newlywed Ba'al teshuva lady, just about due with her first child, wanted to sleep over at our "single girls" Ba'al teshuva apartment on Eastern Parkway. in Crown Heights. She was living in Morristown, NJ. but needed...

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By: Dr. Jim Reynolds January 27

How Yudi touched my life

BH ...

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By: E. R. January 27

Impact by Osmosis

BH ...

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By: Daniela Gaulan January 27

i don't know you ,I even don't know what Shelichot he did

Hello my mother tongue is Hebrew I live in Israel . ...

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By: Amy January 27

Jnet Opening Doors to Return

I joined Jnet in the summer of 2017 at the suggestion of a friend who introduced me to the chayenu newsletter and encouraged me to sign up and learn after I started lighting Shabbat candles again from the tea lights I received every Friday morning...

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By: Rabbi Chaim Levi Goldstein January 28

Yudi's great work

Five (or more) years ago I was commissioned by Yudi to teach Tanya to yid you in Flatbush named ...

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By: Shaina Wolff-Greene January 31

For yisroel in honor of your tatty

A screenshot of an Instagram post I wrote in honor of Yudi. Yisroel, I hope hashem gives you the strength you need during this time. I hope this message can bring a smile to your sweet face. Love your 3-year-old morah. Shaina Greene (Wolff)

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By: Altie Seigel January 31

What a beautiful smile and a beautiful person

I encountered Yudi once, when he read Magilla in a shul in Crown Heights. I thought he was a classmate from Toronto's brother but later realized the name is spelled differently. ...

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By: Yisroel January 31

$1 Donation receipt

Hi my name is Yisroel Lebovic. I'm from crown heights. I had only one interaction with yudi, but it left an impression on me and I would like to share it. ...

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By: Mirel Prager January 31

Airport runs

Every time i drove the Dukes family to the airport, i was so inspired with how, both Yudi and Sara connected with their children. Love and patience to fulfill each one's needs. How calm they were, even if one child was upset. Just the way they spoke...

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By: Miriam Gerber February 1

He Always Remembered His Teacher

I was Yudi’s teacher when he was in 2nd grade in Cheder Lubavitch in Morristown. It was a really amazing class. The boys were all very bright and loved learning. Even in a class like that, Yudi stood out for his outstanding abilities in learning...

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By: Rackel Kirschenbaum February 1

“A surprising visitor” while myself at N.Y.U...

I have never met or known Yudi ah personally.... But I must admit that being part of the Tehillim chat from Day 1,(still ongoing), I feel that I’ve known him “so well”.... ...

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By: Mendel Weinbaum February 1

My Hero

I will never forget the Uber ride I took to the hospital to visit Yudi. I was fortunate to be Mendy's (the oldest boy) teacher a couple of years ago and had kept up both with Mendy and his parents since. My mind raced as I thought what on earth could...

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By: Tova Hinda Siegel February 2

Only two calls, but...

I "met" Yudi on the phone just twice. I never met him in real life. I never sat down and had a one-to-one with him. I never had a long correspondence with him. But those calls on the phone really impacted me. His excitement and concern for...

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By: Yehudis bluming February 4

The prisoner

You may never know the effects of yudi not in his life time and beyond! I just got a call from a Jewish inmate feeling really down after hearing the news of yudis passing. He has spoken to yudi a few times and yudi set him up with a jnet chavrusa to...

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By: Dovid Hordiner February 5

The Gift of Life

I would like to share the powerful impact Yudi had on me. We were paired up after a Kinus several years ago. Our responsibility was to speak each Monday morning to give us strength for the week. ...

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By: Mendy Dalfin February 8

My Friend Yudi - my memories.

I first met Yudi when I was running Bais Levi Yitzchoks childrens programs and he was my bal koreh. That was sometime between 2007-2009 and I dont remember when, but we would hang out every shabbas and became friends. He asked me to learn with...

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By: Mendy Dalfin February 8

Yudi, The Embodiment of The Bal Shemtovs Derech

Yudi got people to learn Torah. ...

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