Stories & Memories of Rabbi Zalman Baras

By: Yehuda Stell March 18

Dearest Teacher

Rabbi Baras,

I write this letter because I never got to express how much I truly appreciate you. I can’t believe it took me this long to reach out to you.

Rabbi, I never forgot about you!

I can hear your voice screaming “The Pintele Yid”! There was nobody better than you to teach me about Ahava Mesuteres. If I could go back in time and learn Chassidus with you again, I would do it!

I never met anyone like you. I never met somebody that devoted every single moment to other people. I remember you eating breakfast quickly because of how tight your schedule was. I remember your contagious smile and nod that you would give me on the way to class. I remember your passion to teach!

If we are talking truth....

When I was your talmid, I wasn’t looking to grow. I was just a foolish boy who didn’t know anything about life. I remember you trying to encourage me, and I wouldn’t listen. You loved me more than any other Mashpia has in Yeshivos. You listened to my ignorance. You would make me so happy and at home. There was no limit to how much you gave.

I am crying so much right now writing this, because I am remembering how righteous of a person you were; and how much I wish I could go back in time and talk with you again. I can imagine you and I sitting together noshing from your huge bag of almonds and just letting loose.

I am sorry for many things Rabbi....

I am sorry for driving you nuts back then.

I am sorry for not listening to you, because in every conversation that we spoke about.... you were right!

I am sorry for not reaching out to you during your fight. I didn’t want to intrude when you were suffering. But I said tehillim for you everyday!

I hope you can forgive me!

Rabbi, I love you! I’m going to miss you!

I know you are in Gan Eden, fighting on our behalf for Moshiach NOW!



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