Stories & Memories of Rabbi Zalman Baras

By: Mendy March 13

True Care to a Former Student

After I left Cincinnati, I couldn't find a mashpia, that I felt understand me, that I was comfortable with like Rabbi Bares. So I continued to call Rabbi Bares every time I needed advice and guidance. And honestly the effect that he had on me was truly everlasting, much of the way I am today is thanks to him. Last year a little before yud shvat, after hearing he was fully cured from his sickness, I wanted to call him for a mashpia talk, so I texted asking if we can speak. He responded, tomorrow should be good. The next day I called him, but he didn't pick up the phone, he called me back later, but I couldn't pick up the phone because it was during sader in yeshiva. This back and forth happened several times. I thought it was kind of strange, I thought, doesn't Rabbi Bares know the sader of yeshivas. Eventually I get through to him, he sounded very excited to speak to me, and we spoke for close to an hour probably. Then he mentioned sorry for the back and forth, some times I feel very not good so I wasn't able to take your call. Over yud shvat I asked around and right away found out that he got yenemachle again. That is just one of the many stories I can say that demonstrate, what a caring, sincere, real person he was. Rabbi Bares the tears are endless. I'll remember you and you'll truly be a part of me forever.

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